Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clare Glens Race!!!!!!!!!!!

It's back, it's the one everyone's been waiting for! As of now the tempermental highlight of the Irish whitewater racing calenter is on for this Sunday, the 14th of April. Registration will be from 9 till 10 at the Clare Glens carpark, with racing starting as soon as possible after that. Entry is €10 which will go into prizes at the end. Be there or...! General plan is write everyones name down, half the group goes and sets up rescue while the first group races, then everyone swaps places. Obviously this all depends on the water levels playing ball! I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days and make the final call on Saturday. I'll also have to make sure that no new trees have come down since the river was last running (quite a while!)

A bit about safety; everyone entering must be 100% clear that they are completly responsible for their own safety at this event! Rescue will be set up and they will do their best to help if anyone does get into trouble but they, and I, will not be held responsible if anyone does get hurt. I will however reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone that I think isn't able for the river on the day. The Clare Glens is a different level to the other rivers in the race league, with the possible exception of the Flesk, and anyone entering must be confident in their ability to race on grade 4+ whitewater for around 10 minutes. I would  also suggest that anyone entering should be familiar with all the lines on
 the river before race day.

I'll keep ye all updated with what the story is over the next few days. Start the rain dances please!


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